What Are Some of the Most Popular Phone Accessories?

Have you just bought a new mobile phone, and do you want to get the best accessories for it? If you want to make your smartphone easier to use then getting an accessory or two for it, could be a great idea. For example, you could get a battery pack for it, to make it last longer. There is literally a mobile device accessory out there that can fulfil almost every kind of function.

When it comes to mobile phone accessories, the more popular it is then the better it is. So if you want to get quality accessories that are actually useful, here are some of the most popular ones in their category.

Selfie Sticks – Anker Selfie Stick

Anker is very popular for making battery packs for smartphones. So why not get a selfie stick that can also extend the battery life of your phone as well? The Anker Selfie Stick does not only have a portable battery pack, it also has got Bluetooth controls as well. So you can snap a selfie using this accessory without having to awkwardly reach for any physical buttons.

Fitness Arm Band – Tribe AB37 Sports Arm Band

This particular mobile phone armband has got it all. Want something that offers full-touch coverage, audio jack support, and is also water-resistant? Then you should get the Tribe AB37. With this Armband, you can go on a run or exercise with your mobile phone conveniently. And with its full-touch coverage, for most average sized phones, you can keep on using your smartphone even while it is safely inside of the armband.

Headphones – Bose SoundTrue Ultra

Bose has been well-known for making some of the best speakers and sound accessories for mobile devices. And their Bose SoundTrue Ultra headphones certainly live up to those expectations. These headphones are comfortable, durable, and they fit well in most people’s ears. But most of all, they provide some of the best mobile surround sound listening experience that you can ever get. So if you want to listen to music on the go, or if you simply want the best when it comes to sound accessories for your mobile phone, then the Bose SoundTrue Ultra is the accessory for you.

OTG flash drive –  SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C

The SanDisk Ultra USB OTG Type-C flash drive will be able to expand your phone’s memory by as much as 64GB. So if you have got a phone that does not have expandable storage, in the form of an SD card, then this OTG flash drive is the one to get. And since it is a Type-C USB port, it should be compatible with almost all of the newer smartphones that are currently being sold on the market.

Bluetooth Speakers – Bose Soundlink

Bose again takes the cake for the most popular audio accessory for mobile devices. Their Soundlink series of portable Bluetooth speakers are the best sounding in the market. And on top of that, they can instantly and seamless pair up with every Bluetooth capable device. It even has got a dock for fast and convenient charging.