How To Be A Good Wingman

Having a good wingman can mean the difference between making out with a hot girl, and striking out altogether. If it’s your turn to play wingman, get ready to indulge in a lot of self-sacrifice. You’ll need to spend the entire night putting your bro first, letting him call the shots and fully supporting him in his pursuits. While this might seem easy enough to do, there are a few things to keep in mind while pulling wingman duties.
Never Overshadow Your Friend

You want to dial your personality down as much as you can throughout the night so that you’re never overshadowing your friend. This goes beyond making sure that you aren’t the most hilarious or witty person at the table. If you choose to sit too far back or say to little, you may wind up attracting the girls with your brooding and melancholy disposition. Thus, you should always take part in the conversation, but let your friend take and maintain the lead. Your ultimate goal is to let your friend stand out as the most intriguing person in your group so that all of the most desirable prospects flock to him.

Keep Him Looking Good

As a wingman, one of your most important jobs is to make sure that your friend stays looking good, but you have to do it in a subtle and entirely discreet way. Don’t let your buddy hit the dance floor with a tray piece of toilet paper clinging to his shoe or a suspicious-looking spot on the back of his slacks. If your friend has sat in something, has a booger peaking out of his nose or looks disheveled all-around, pull him aside and tell him how to pull himself together. This isn’t just good wingman etiquette. It’s something that all bros should do for each other.

Give Your Buddy First Pick Of The Litter

This is where the self-sacrifice comes in. Even if you meet the woman of your dreams while playing wingman, your friend gets first crack at every desirable prospect that crosses your path. This is the first and most important rule of wingman duties. You can’t be a good wingman if you’re always focused on connecting with the most attractive, intelligent or charming ladies that you happen upon. When entering the scene, let your friend announce his interests to you so that you can make it your first priority to help him connect.

Know When To Pull Back And Know How To Engage A Lady’s Friends

Once your friend has made a possible connection, know when to pull back and let him work his magic on his own. You don’t have to be physically present all the way through closing. It may even fall to you to distract a woman’s friends so that your pal and his new love interest can have some private time. For instance, if she’s got a close friend who refuses to let her socialize alone, turn your charm on and ask this one onto the dance floor or to join you in karaoke. This is your job, even if you don’t find the friend the least bit likable or attractive. A good wingman never minds taking one for the team, and when it’s your turn to be shadowed by a self-sacrificing friend, your commitment will more than pay off.

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